About Ashley

Ashley Marie Paul

Hello there!

I’m Ashley-  a free spirit-y/Type A’r, skin care enthusiast, amateur philosopher, long winded storyteller, traveler and self proclaimed dessert connoisseur.  Oh, and I love bourbon, bubbles and all things made with butter.

In my early twenties while living in San Diego trying to figure out the rest of my life (enter my Type A side) my first obsession, skin (thanks Mom), led me to become an Aesthetician and what followed was a slight obsession with health, wellness, fitness, mindfulness… you get the picture.

In 2013 having been back working and living in my home town of Napa Valley for a bit, I spontaneously decided to go on a road trip out to Nashville with a good friend.  Much to my surprise, I fell in love with the city (I visited another 8 times in a year and a half just to make sure).  Curiosity got the best of me in 2015 and I decided to make the move to what they call Music City.  I have happily split my time and my business between Napa Valley and Nashville ever since.  Why you ask? Well because, why not?

This blog was an idea that I had somewhere in the middle of all of the above.  I am constantly researching and experimenting with products (and the more than occasional bourbon) and love that I have a place where I can share my experiences!

Thanks for stopping by!  Hope y’all enjoy.