Goodbye Ingrown Hair!

Being an esthetician, I’m asked all the time about how to prevent ingrown hairs and razor bumps.  You know, those super awesome hairs that get trapped under the skin and cause those beautiful red bumps and irritation that we ALL want on our bikini line? Yeah, that.

First of all you need to exfoliate everyday to keep the dead skin away.  ESPECIALLY  the day before laser hair removal, shaving or waxing.


Two of my favorite exfoliating products are the Buf-Puf Body Sponge and the Aquasentials Exfoliating Body Towel.  The body sponge is awesome for all over exfoliation and the exfoliating bath towel is great to exfoliate those hard to reach places on the back.  It is important to replace these every month or so because they will get dull and can hold bacteria.


After laser hair removal, electrolysis, shaving or waxing, it’s important to protect the skin and follicles because they are exposed (this is especially important after waxing because you’ve just lifted the hair completely out of the follicle and now it’s open).

One of my favorite (simple yet effective) tips is using a light layer or Neosporin Cream over the effected area. It’s antiseptic properties will keep the follicles clear from bacteria and the redness reduced in the skin. This works best applied daily after you exfoliate in the shower. And it’s something you usually already have at home! Bonus!

I love this  roll on post waxing & shaving serum by PFB Vanish, if you’re prone to more severe irritation.

Happy bump free bikini line!



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  1. Cayce Pegram

    I recommend Coconut Oil rather than Neosporin for anti-bacterial benefits. Coconut oil is nature’s magic! This is a great post…ingrown hairs in the bikini line are the worst!


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