Oh KALE Yeah

Special delivery from my farmer bestie Rachel!

She knows the way to my heart for sure. Fresh picked kale delivered to me at work= happy Ashley! I go through this stuff by the ton it seems since I use it almost every day in my green breakfast smoothie (more info to come on that amazing concoction later).  Honestly I love putting greens into my breakfast smoothie because if I can’t get them into my diet throughout the rest of the day at least I know I had some for breakfast.  Yes, it sounds gross, but trust me the way I make it you won’t even taste it.


green breakfast smoothie


kale flower bouqet

Coolest part about this delivery was that I also received a very unique KALE birthday bouquet! The picture speaks for it’s self…

Who knew you could make a beautiful bouquet of flowers with KALE?! Gorgeous and so creative!



Fresh garden veggies

Purple broccoli.  Need I say more.

I’m so lucky to have fresh veggies and eggs hand delivered to me from Casa De Awesome (AKA Rachel’s parent’s house) on a regular basis :-) They love me.  Well, they better.  They’ve all had PLENTY of time to get used to me- like 16 years worth.  But who’s counting.



farm fresh veggies

If you close one eye and squint really hard you MIGHT be able to tell there are a couple of tomatoes and peppers in this picture.  Just a couple.



farm fresh veggies

Here she is folks! In all her glory! Uhh obviously I have awesome friends.  Say hellllllo to Rachel.



Happily reaping the benefits of friends with gardens…




4 Responses to “Oh KALE Yeah”

  1. Rachel

    Awwww thanks Ash!! I’m so glad someone enjoys my kale bounty! It WON’T STOP GROWING!!! Love love love the blog so far. :-)
    Oh and I love you too!

  2. Cayce Pegram

    LOVE THIS IDEA!!! Kale is great for EVERYTHING! And it makes a beautiful arrangement with the flowers!

  3. JR

    Never thought of putting kale and other veggies in floral arrangements – great idea!


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