Sweaty Betty

Stank Stop - Fat Face Skin CareOh my gosh, you have to get this! I’ve been on the hunt for a natural deodorant that ACTUALLY works. Drum roll please…… Stank Stop by Fat Face Skin Care. I’m in love. No, seriously I am.

I teach Barre classes,  along with working out/being active for upwards of  2-3 hours a day sometimes (I know, it’s an obsession. I’m getting help), so these natural deodorants that claim to work have always been put to the test. And they’ve failed. Until now.

You’ve got to try Stank Stop if you’re like me and love the idea of using a natural deodorant. FYI It’s not an anti-persperient though, so you will sweat. It just keeps you from smelling like yesterday’s protein shake left in the hot car mixed with sweaty gym socks (not that I have any clue what this would be like…).

Sweating is natural and a totally healthy way of detoxifying the body, so embrace the sweat and say adios to those toxins!

Color me stank-less!