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Founder of AMP Skin Wellness Studio
Aesthetician & Skin Care Specialist

Ashley Marie Paul

Get to know Ashley

Ashley, hailing from Napa Valley, California, developed a passion for skincare early on, influenced by her mother's diligent skincare routine. This upbringing instilled in her a deep commitment to holistic skin care. At the age of twelve, Ashley received her first skincare treatment, igniting her enduring interest in the field.

After briefly attending college in San Diego, she decided to follow her true calling and pursued formal education in skincare, obtaining her Aesthetician License in 2007. She then returned to Napa Valley, where she established her own business and took charge of the skincare department at a prestigious local spa while also working in a medical spa.

Her extensive experience in both medical aesthetics and spa settings drove her to acquire various certifications in advanced chemical knowledge, skin treatments, and touch therapies. In 2013, she became a first-degree Reiki practitioner, enhancing her ability to provide clients with holistic healing alongside advanced skincare treatments.

In 2013, Ashley embarked on a road trip to Nashville, Tennessee, and was captivated by the city. Recognizing an opportunity to expand her business and brand, she decided to make Music City her second home. For several years, she divided her time and business between Napa Valley and Nashville, but in 2021, she returned full-time to Napa Valley, where she continues to grow her business and serve her clients. 

| The window seat on the plane- Aisle all the way
| Driving slow- race car driver in another life!
| St. Ives Apricot Scrub- why is this still a thing?!
| Sweet tea- sugar belongs in cheesecake 
| Nutella- I just can't 


| Tinted sunscreen- no make-up, make-up look
| Silk pillow case- anti-wrinkle and frizz free hair!
| Kombucha- Health-Ade is the BEST
| Maxi dresses- instant outfit 
| Infrared saunas- Sunlighten’s 3-in-1 for the win!


Client Services Manager
Aesthetician & Wax Specialist

Michele Potter

Working in the beauty industry is a bit of a surprise for Michele. Prior to puberty, Michele really hadn’t been exposed to skincare/beauty. In fact, growing up as more of a tomboy, the last thing she thought much about was beauty. But around age 12, Michele had her first acne breakout, and she never would have imagined how much acne would shape the next 10+ years of her life. A breakout here and there turned into full-blown cystic acne. But despite how mentally and emotionally taxing it was to deal with such chronic skin issues, Michele fell in love with the vast world of skin care.

Throughout this journey with her skin, Michele was a student at Napa Valley College. Science was always an interest of hers, but passion was never there, not like the passion she had for skin. On a whim and with the support of her family, Michele pivoted into enrolling into Le Melange Beauty Academy, where she was able to combine her passion for skin, her desire to help people, and her interest in Chemistry into one career: aesthetics. Following graduation, Michele worked as an Aesthetician and Operations Supervisor for a luxury spa management company in Napa Valley. During her time in luxury spas, Michele was able to hone her skills by combining a trifecta of service: advanced knowledge of skin; a relaxing, therapeutic touch; and Forbes 5-star service. But in the whirlwind of changes brought along by 2020, job changes landed Michele in a chain waxing salon. Much to her surprise, she loved it! More than anything, Michele loves making the people of her hometown in Napa Valley feel confident and happy in their bodies - whether that’s done by a facial treatment or wax.

Get to know Ashley

Get to know Michele

| Large crowds- not my jam, even pre-pandemic
| Matcha- it’s not a match-a for me
| Airplanes- hello claustrophobia
| The dark 
| White chocolate


| Coffee- hot, not iced
| Casual over fancy- any day of the week
| Camping- yes, in a tent!
| Cooking & baking
| Warm, sunny weather- with SPF of course!