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To Cut Or Not To Cut…

April 11, 2015

I’m growing my hair out, so I chopped it off.

short hair, cutting hair, blonde, blonde ombre short hair

Makes sense right?

Ok, let’s back up.  Anyone who knows me well, knows that I love long hair.  I love short hair too, I just love my hair long.  I’m border line obsessed actually.  I’ve been trying to grow it out for what seems like forever, but recent circumstances have made this challenging to say the least.  A combination of stress, naturally fragile-fine hair, going from blonde to brunette (and back to blonde again), and my love of high heated styling tools has made this nearly impossible (and has given me scraggly broken ends).  But none the less-I’m still determined to have my long hair back!  Sooo I did it.  I chopped off my hair.  Eeeeeeek!  To be fair… it was only like 12 broken scraggly hairs (ok maybe 7), but still!  I was very attached to those 7-12 scraggly hairs!

I work with many amazing hair stylists who have a lot of knowledge when it comes to growing out hair (I just don’t always listen haha).  One of whom is Kelli.


Kelli and I when she is not chasing me with scissors.

Now Kelli also happens to be a great friend which means she has no problem telling me what I don’t want to hear.  For the past couple years now I’ve heard phrases like “there’s strength in numbers,” and “your hair will just continue to break off if you don’t take the broken ends off.”

Now, just to be clear- I did get what I call “dustings” on my ends every 6-8 weeks with an occasional trim.  A dusting is literally just that-a dusting of the ends. Not to be confused with a “trim” which usually takes off a an half  inch or so. I mean really.  Who hasn’t, at some point in their lives, gone in to have their hair trimmed and come out with 1-4 inches more taken off than anticipated, right?  Ok, yes maybe sometimes we actually needed that much taken off, but that’s not the point.  Everyone’s perception of a “trim” is different so my new term “dusting” is very hard to misinterpret.  Feel free to use it. You’re welcome.

So this was my hair straight and curled before I cut it:


Ok, not horrible, but just know that I could work magic on those bottom 7-12 frayed hairs and make them look a lot better than they actually were.  This always required a lot of heat though.  Not your friend if you’re trying to keep your hair in it’s best shape.  You can see though, that the bottom is kinda see through and damaged.  As Kelli used to say (as she ran her fingers through my hair top to bottom)- “thick thick thick…uhh 7 broken hairs.”  Ugh ok fiiiiiine.  Just do it.  Cut it off.


Hello happy ends!!

Moral of my story is: no one wants gross damaged hair.  And if cutting the bad stuff off means you get a fresh start at healthy hair… do it!  Maybe you just want a new style or maybe you want to have thick, healthy long hair.  Either way, do something if you’ve got those 7-12 hairs at the bottom wasting away.

Bonus: short hair styles are so in right now 🙂  This style cut even has it’s own name now- the lob which means “a long bob.”

My friend sent this to me so now it’s my current mantra:


Cheers to cutting, growing, trimming, dusting, changing your life or all of the above!



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  1. JR says:

    Looks great! And I really do think your life is about to change ; ) going to try your advice and get a dusting next week.

  2. JR says:

    Looks great! And I really do think your life is about to change ; ) going to try your advice and get a dusting next week.

  3. Ashley Marie Paul says:

    Ya girl! Dust those ends! 🙂

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